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Three Percent Podcast

Jul 22, 2021

Chad and Brian recap the wild end to Vernon Subutex, debate whether it was predictable or not, whether Despentes earned it or not, and what to make of the proto-history chapter that rounds out the trilogy. And, in classic TMR fashion, the episode ends abruptly when Chad's wifi suddenly dies. (Technical difficulties for...

Jul 12, 2021

Covering what's probably the most disturbing section of Vernon Subutex, this is an intense, fairly dark episode of the Two Month Review. They discuss how the most evil character is a manager/agent, about how men are everywhere, ready to ruin things, and much more. On the upside, Chad and Brian recorded early in the...

Jul 2, 2021

Chad almost had to do this episode solo, but all of you were spared that catastrophe by Kaija Straumanis and David Smith (whose delay makes for some funny moments). The talk about what you would do for $100 million dollars, what most terrifies them, fear in general, Max as Lex Luthor, and much more.

This week's music is...

Jun 18, 2021

Following up on last week's catastrophic technical difficulties, Brian recaps some of his conversation with Frank Wynne before he and Chad dive into volume three of Despentes's Vernon Subutex. They talk about hippies, Dan Deacon, cults, Cultish, Vernon's purity, and much more.

This week's music is "The Crystal Cat" by...

Jun 7, 2021

Chad and Brian get into some fun and vengeful parts of Vernon Subutex 2 this week, talking about GaĆ«ll, the proliferation of diereses in this section, getting revenge, Vernon's magical music, and more.

This week's music is "The Modern World" by The Jam.

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